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Help a Family in need-

C2 connected with Darkness2Light Ministries in early 2022. She participates in both individual and group sessions, and is making great progress in her healing journey. C2 recently made the difficult decision to leave her family of origin and all she has ever known to follow Christ and leave behind a lifetime of trauma and multi-generational occult practices. 

The choice to leave turned C2's family against. They are fighting her to gain custody of her daughters and working hard to destroy her reputation and credibility. C2 wants to move from her state to VA where the ministry is located, so she can plug into the small community of survivors we have here and establish community and safety among others who understand her unique circumstances and challenges. Will you help us help C2 and her girls?

When J came to Darkness2Light Ministries in the summer of 2023, he was homeless and living in a tent. The Lord provided him a wonderful Christian family to become his new place of belonging and love. By late fall J had proven his commitment to recovery and the hard work involved in the process. The tent would not suffice in the coming cold New England winter, so we helped him get into an apartment and paid his rent and utilities. We hope to continue to support J until he is able to receive disability. Would you help us to do so with your generous donation?

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