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Current Needs

Housing Needs


We are currently providing housing for four survivors, and helping others with needs from time to time. If you would like to help with living expenses, medical care and basic necessities for current clients, donations are always welcome!

Let's help "K"!

 "K" was gracious enough to share part of her story in a two-part interview called "Testing the Spirits". Part 1. Part 2.

She has worked with me diligently over the last year to recover from childhood trauma, acquire deliverance, and grow in her new relationship with the true Lord Jesus Christ.  We meet several hours each week.  She is a joy to work with, and I have come to love her very much!  K is a hard working young lady.  After a bad spine injuries that ended her professional dancing career, K has had to work odd jobs to make ends meet.  At any given time, she works 3 jobs and has done so the entire time I've known her.  IMO the call on K's life is a big one, and everything she has gone through in LA, NYC and her stint in the Entertainment Industry was God's preparation for what she is stepping into now.  I would not ask for your help if I did not believe in this young woman.  You will not only be investing into the future of a precious daughter of the Most High, but you are investing into the discipleship of the next generation of young people she will reach.  Via her goal of producing morally sound, Christian based films and videos, she will be used of the Lord to reach this upcoming generation for Christ.  Please know this isn't just a "pipe dream.'  This young lady has proven herself to be willing and able to  put feet to ger vision.  She trained her whole life for this moment.  I wish I could show you, but you will have to trust me on this, she is already producing shows in the capital of her nation that have sponsors, attract the "whose who" of the community and are hosted in posh locations in the downtown heart of her capital city. I ask that you will pray and seek the Lord about supporting K in helping her return to her home nation, settle any outstanding debts she has here in the US and transport her, her kitty and items back to her nation so she can begin 5 years of professional training to be a film producer in her native country.  

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