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  • To create a database of resources that inform, train and equip people to receive true deliverance and healing. 


  • Serve and support the RA/MC population in their recovery by providing free individual and group counseling which specifically addresses the unique issues that present with complex trauma. 


  • Network with Christian Counselors and Inner Healing Ministries already knowledgeable & working with survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA).  Assist these healers in identifying the RA/MC programming that resides beneath most SRA memories and train them how to deprogram.


  • Assist survivor’s already in recovery process with daily living needs such as living expenses, medical assistance, food and clothing.  


  • Build a Transformation Center with classrooms and cabins that survivors, their loved ones, and clinicians & healers can come to for extended periods of ministry and training.  Survivors respond best to lengthy periods of ministry because the nature of their trauma is so severe.     

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